How to stay fit during lockdown Yes, we are in May and yes, the sun has been shining for 3 weeks straight, but no you cannot take your fresh fit to a brunch party and vibe with your team. These are the ‘unprecedented times’ we find ourselves facing in 2020 – a year we’d all much rather write off. But what you can still do during these times is workout at home in the warm sun, preparing for that day when the gym opens for business as usual. Now your workouts may become somewhat unconventional. You may need to throw a partner or sibling on your back to provide enough resistance for

So I remember hearing that Nike had received 3 million pre-orders for Nigeria’s World Cup Jersey. My immediate thought was ‘how sway’? I love my country. I’m passionate about football. But I’ve only ever owned one Nigerian jersey that I’m pretty sure was a knock off. We hardly get far in World Cups, why buy a jersey and wear it for 3 games with little hopes of qualification? Which made me ponder on the question - how on earth did Nike sell 3 million Nigerian Jerseys? Hype. Hype sells. The first thing I heard about the jerseys was that 3 million pre-orders were placed. That stoked my intrigue. I wanted to see

Forget everything you have heard about losing weight and what you think you need to do to lose weight. Let me explain why. The body requires a certain amount of calories each day in order to function and enable it to perform whatever tasks are part of the day. Basically whatever energy is used or spent must be replenished. Say for example per day on average you burn 2500 calories from the point at which you wake up to the moment you go to bed. If you eat 2500 calories worth of food I would be certain that you would stay the same weight, assuming you are not exercising. This

The following is a summary of the top techniques for Instagram growth and details on how Instagram selects what posts make it to the top. The best route to getting recognised on instagram and generating traffic is by featuring at the top of the explore page. So how do you do this? Well Instagram determines what should be shown on this page by running posts through its Viral Quality Filter and looking at stats like: How many people saved the post? (High engagement score)How many people liked the post out of those that viewed it?If it was a video then what was the completion rate?How many comments on the post? (Lower engagement score) Answering

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