Instagram Growth Code

The following is a summary of the top techniques for Instagram growth and details on how Instagram selects what posts make it to the top.

The best route to getting recognised on instagram and generating traffic is by featuring at the top of the explore page. So how do you do this?

Well Instagram determines what should be shown on this page by running posts through its Viral Quality Filter and looking at stats like:

  • How many people saved the post? (High engagement score)
  • How many people liked the post out of those that viewed it?
  • If it was a video then what was the completion rate?
  • How many comments on the post? (Lower engagement score)

Answering questions like these helps Instgram calculate an engagement ratio or score on a post. The higher the engagement the better.

So how can we influence engagement? Well one effective method is through engagement groups. These are a network of instagram accounts that work together to like and comment on your post, this boosts the engagement ratio. Other methods include:

  • Asking followers questions.
  • Go live on your story (this can be boosted if you do collaborative live sessions with other high profile accounts).
  • Use the story to the max, it’s a great way to directly connect with your audience.
  • Using new features within Instagram as soon as they are released.
  • Adhering to the 30 minute rule (ensuring your post gets maximum exposure and activity within it’s first 30 minutes of being posted.
  • Collaborative giveaways (contests whereby followers can like, comment, tag, share or submit and email in exchange to win a prize.
  • Actively engaging with your audience. Like and reply on comments to start direct conversations with your audience.

Hack the system

Another way to get more insight into your profiles performance is to switch your account to a business profile, get the stats then switch back to a normal account. This was you get some insights for free then you can use them to base your next moves. Also do some research, look at what posts are successful on other accounts in your niche. Don’t be afraid to test, by that I mean post content and see what reaction it gets. By doing testing you can determine what content works best.

Photo/Graphic resources:

  • Unsplash
  • Pexels
  • Warble
  • Flyr

What about hashtags?

  • Don’t use overused words, they’re too generic.
  • Don’t use banned/dangerous words (you’ll know this if a hashtag doesn’t come up with results).
  • Do use hashtags that relate to you niche, specificity is good.
  • Do engage with hashtags related to you niche.

Fastest way to 1000 followers? Search for potential followers with relevant hashtags or geotags then directly engage with them. Comment on their posts, like their content and try to start a meaningful relationship with them.

On a final note keep your bio succinct, it should detail exactly what user’s can expect from your page.

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